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Charity Summary

The YWCA is an international nonprofit organization founded as a women’s rights movement now committed to the rights of all people, independent of race, gender, origin or economic status.

Charity History

The YWCA was founded in 1858 as early advocacy group for women. The YWCA created the first women's employment bureau in 1862.

YWCA Car Donation Program

Car donation to the YWCA is available through the V-Dac "Name Your Non-Profit" vehicle donation program. Use the link below to start your donation and when completing the form enter "YWCA" as the named charity for the donation.

Contact Info

2025 M St. NW, Suite 550, Washington, DC 20036

Charity Details

Charity Founded:
Charity Annual Revenue:
$4,200,492 (2012 annual revenue)
Financial Statement:
YWCA 2013 Financial Statement

Charity Ratings

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high % administrative costs, low % of revenue to program mission
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1 of 4 stars

Charity Car Donation Program

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