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Confidence Learning Center (Camp Confidence)


Charity Summary

Confidence Learning Center (Camp Confidence) is a non-profit, year-round facility dedicated to persons with developmental disabilities.

The Center serves more than 11,000 campers a year and provides them with a wide range of hands on recreational and educational activities.

Charity History

Starting in 1969 by Dick Endres, a group of local business owners and staff from the Brainerd State Hospital as Minnesota Therapeutic camp.

Confidence Learning Center (Camp Confidence) Car Donation Program

Vehicle donations to Confidence learning center may be used at the charity's camps and possibly qualify for full fair market value deduction. Contact Confidence Learning Center at 218-828-2344 to learn more.

Contact Info

1620 Mary Fawcett Memorial Drive, East Gull Lake, MN 56401

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$815,205 (2012 annual revenue)

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Charity Car Donation Program

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