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Father Joe's Villages


Charity Summary

Provide food, housing, health care, chemical-dependency services and education to the homeless and those in need through a collection of “villages” in the Southwest United States. Father Joe’s provides a “Continuum of Care” aimed at re-establishing self-sufficiency and long term success.

Father Joe’s Villages provides a large share of the homeless services in the San Diego area, providing up to 40% of the available homeless beds and providing medical clinic visits for nearly 4,000 homeless patients a year.

Charity History

Father Joe's Villages began as a small chapel serving San Diego's homeless more than 60 years ago. Today, Father Joe's provides food, shelter and human services to thousands of Southern California's homeless each day.

Father Joe's Villages Car Donation Program

Father Joe's Villages car donation is serviced through their own in house donation program. Donated cars are sold through self run and other local car auctions.

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3350 E Street, San Diego, CA 92102-3332

Charity Details

Charity Annual Revenue:
$9,540,946 (2012 annual revenue)

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3 of 4 stars

Charity Car Donation Program

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