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Human Rights Watch


Charity Summary

Human Rights Watch is an international nonprofit focused on human rights. Human Rights Watch is a watch dog for abuse across the world. Human Rights Watch does not accept government funds, is not aligned with any political party.

Charity History

Human Rights Watch began in 1978 as the Helsinki Watch, developed to monitor governments with regard to the Helsinki Accords.

Human Rights Watch Car Donation Program

Human Rights Watch car donation is available through the vehicle donation service Using this service you can name your non-profit to benefit from your vehicle donation. Use the link below to go to the V-Dac website and name "Human Rights Watch" as the named charity to benefit your car donation.

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350 Fifth Avenue, 34th floor,New York,NY 10118-3299

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$59,342,193 (2012 annual revenue)

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4 of 4 stars
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