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Miracle Flights for Kids


Charity Summary

Miracle Flights for Kids is a nonprofit that provides air transportation for low income sick kids. Miracle Flights for Kids has organized more than 80,000 gifted flights for children with server illness or disabilities.

Of special note, the charity received an unexpected one time contribution of more than $40 million in September of 2013 as the result of a 2008 class action law suit with British Airways and Virgin Atlantic Airways. Their prior year (2012) total revenue was $2.5 million.

Charity History

Founded in 1985 by a prior special needs teacher Ann McGee.

Miracle Flights for Kids Car Donation Program

Car donations for Miracle Flights for Kids are processed by Charity Car Donations of Nevada.

Contact Info

2764 N. Green Valley Pkwy, #115, Green Valley, NV 89014-2120

Charity Details

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Charity Annual Revenue:
$43,347,528 (2012 annual revenue)

Charity Ratings

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3 of 4 stars
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Not Accredited

Charity Car Donation Program

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