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PRISM (People Responding In Social Ministry)


Charity Summary

PRISM (People Responding In Social Ministry) is a nonprofit organization that provides Twin Cities of Minnesota area with social services to families during times of need.

Charity History

PRISM was started by Marty Gates. Gates began his Gospel lead ministry through his help with a food bank at St. Joseph's church garage. Gates helped to expand the food bank to work with and mentor families. The food bank and mentoring program expanded and became known as the Social Action Center which is now PRISM.

PRISM (People Responding In Social Ministry) Car Donation Program

Vehicles donated are repaired as needed and offered through PRIMS's Ways to Work program. The program offers cars at affordable prices to families for transportation to jobs and education programs. Vehicles are sold to at need families using low interest loans provided by the program.

Contact Info

730 Florida Avenue South, Golden Valley, MN 55426

Charity Details

Charity Founded:
Charity Annual Revenue:
$3,623,440 (2013 annual revenue)

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Charity Car Donation Program

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up to 100%